About Us . . .

Welcome to the National Bariatric Buddy Association (NBBA) website.


Thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Steven Reed - everyone's Bariatric Buddy.  Let me briefly introduce myself, and give you the story of why I formed this group.  Shortly after having bariatric surgery, it came clear to me that support before, during, and after surgery was key to long lasting success.


Working with my doctor and his staff, and other fellow bariatric patients, 
I soon formed a local community group called The Bariatric Buddy Program.  After much success and seeing so many people benefit by the group, and the long lasting friendships formed, I decided to take my program a step further and form a national group. 


Having been part of a huge hospital led bariatric support group that met once a month, and after hearing the many stories of so many who had no support at home, at work or even within their own family and even their spouses -- it was apparent that we as bariatric patients needed to start helping and supporting each other.


Worse yet was the degree of counter-productive help I observed.  Often even having spouses feel so jealous and threatened by the upcoming positive change ahead that they would go as far as to sabotage their progress.


The doctors and nurses are there to help on the medical side, but of course odds of success improve dramatically when you have someone to reach out to who has been through the journey. Besides nothing feels better or is more rewarding than helping others and paying it forward.

Join Us . . .

Membership is open to upcoming bariatric surgery patients of all types (sleeve, bypass, band, balloon, etc.), past bariatric surgery patients, and support family and friends of bariatric surgery patients.


There are many benefits to joining our program:

  • Sharing ideas and experiences

  • Education

    • Pre-Op

      • Diet, expectations, etc.

    • Post-Op

      • How to handle possible issues

      • Recipes

      • Diet

  • Camaraderie with your paired buddy, your backup buddy - Founder/CEO Steven Reed, and others who have gone through the surgery, site interaction, or attended conferences.

But most importantly, we are giving you a chance to help each other and come together as one BIG bariatric support family!


We aim to support one another and educate the public and businesses such as restaurants.

Learn More About Bariatric Surgery

One of the best parts of joining our group is the sharing and exchanging of useful information regarding bariatric surgery. In my opinion, the Internet is full of false information to the point where it is dangerous.


We encourage people to share their experiences and we will attempt to keep it accurate to the best of our ability.


Keep in mind, there are many variables to each person's experience. Each individual's body reacts differently, depending on many things such as pervious health issues, nutrition, environment, etc.  In addition, each clinic, doctor and their staff will have different approaches and opinions so the quest is a difficult one.


We will stick to a combined overall consensus, to the best of our ability, has been researched and backed up as well as bringing our personal experiences as a group.


Please Note!!!  We do not claim to be doctors or educated medical experts. We believe our combined knowledge and experience is extremely valuable especially when combined with the love and support of our fellow bariatric surgery patients and their support from family and friends.

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